Friday, February 16, 2018

ISTC: OSLGA, Firm, Market Unions Committ To Partner

ISTC: OSLGA, Firm, Market Unions Committ To Partner

Okonta Emeka Okelum, Asaba

In its bid to support the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) policy of the state government, the Executive Chairman, Oshimili South LGA, Market Unions and a firm, yesterday, agreed that the Informal Sector Tax Collection  (ISTC) policy will be implemented successfully in the council area.

This agreement was reached when the leadership of Market Women & Men Association of Nigeria; Ogbogonogo Market Traders Association and top management of Queen Bridge Limited, paid a courtesy visit to the council boss at his office.

In her opening remarks, Mrs Blessing Osaje, deputy managing director, Queen Bridge Limited, informed the chairman that her firm came to inform him about the on going state-wide ISTC policy of the state government.

She noted that her firm also wants to cease same opportunity to seek the working partnership of both the Market Women & Men Association as well as Ogbogonogo Market Traders Association.

Responding, Hon Mrs Kate Okoh Onah, President, Market Women & Men Association of Nigeria, Delta State Chapter, unveiled some of the benefit attached to the ISTC policy.

Mrs Onah encouraged the leadership of Ogbogonogo Market Traders Association to share his association's committment to partner in the ISTC policy.

Speaking on behalf of the traders association, Chief Augustine Chigbogu Nwobodo, General Chairman, Ogbogonogo Market Traders Association, thanked the council chairman; leadership of Queen Bridge Limited; Market Women and Men Association Of Nigeria for convening the meeting.

He expressed his personal resolve to subscribe to the state government's ISTC policy and promise to work with his exco members at enforcing compliance.

Hon Sunny Obi Nwose thanked the visiting delegation over their Committment to partner with the state government with respect to the ISCT policy.

He assured them that all promised benefits attached to the policy, council will work round the clock with the state government to see that it gets to them.

Hon. Sunny Obi Nwose also urged the leadership of Ogbogonogo Market Trades Association to seek out opportunities to help the traders understand all the attached benefits of the policy.

Finally, the council boss, Hon Comrade Uche Osadebe, expressed his appreciation over commitment of all parties at ensuring that the state government's ISTC policy is effectively implemented in the council area.

The council chairman also urged the leadership of Ogbogonogo Market Traders Association to prevail upon their members who have not taken advantage of the on going continuous voters registration exercise to do so.

Please help us urge your traders to seek out time to go for voter's registration exercise, help them see the benefits for doing same, Hon Comrade Osadebe urged the market leadership.


Thursday, February 15, 2018

IGR:How OSLGA Lost N71M Under Hon Obusom's Watch

*Ur Performance Is Poor....Legislators Told IGR Consultant
*Obusom's Actions Hindered Our Performance...Consultant

Okonta Emeka Okelum, Asaba, Asaba

In order to fulfill their campaign promises, the executive arm of Oshimili South Council, is determined to strengthen the council's revenue system, structure & operations.

In the same light, the legislative arm is already alive to her duties as they have outlined various oversight activities to help the council's revenue revamped.

Recently, the council's law makers invited to their plenary a revenue consultant during the Hon John Chuks Obusom's administration.

Mr Deji Oderinde, lead consultant, C.S.D.C Consulting, was the consultant contracted by Hon Obusom's administration to manage Oshimili South LGA revenue system.

At the plenary session, the house leader, Hon. Chukwuemeka Nwosa, and other councillors took turn to ask the consultant questions pertaining to his performance.

The consultant in his defence told the law makers that before commencing operations, he was briefed that the council on it's own mopped up about N50 Million form  revenue engagements.

He also informed the house that at commencement, the council's leaders then allotted 17 revenue bits to his company.

Mr Oderinde lamented that sooner than his contract commenced the Hon Obusom led administration downsized the number of revenue bits contracted to his firm and also allowed some council staff and other sub agents to parrelle their legitimate revenue mobilisation functions.

He also reported to the legislative arm that his firm entered into a four years contract agreement with the council under Hon Obusom's administration.

Our firm in the first year of operation was able to generate over N35 Million and in the second year was able to generate about N41 Million for the council, despite all the challenges I mentioned earlier, Mr Oderinde told the law makers.

Apparently not satisfied with his score card, the law makers outrightly made it clear to the consultant how unsatisfied the house was with his performance, bearing in mind that without a consultant the council could mobilize up to N50Million.

WhWhen the house questioned the consultant about their engagement with the council's revenue courts as a means to aid recovery of targeted defaulting revenue slots, the consultant regrettably recounted his firms many limiting hurdles the Hon Obusom's administration mounted against his performance.

Our firm was never allowed by the council's leadership to commence prosecution of heavy revenue defaulted.

We had written many letters to the council chairman seeking permission to continue legal actions against these revenue defaulters, that also met the chairman's objection.

At one point, Hon Obusom asked us, why do you want to prosecute revenue defalters, since when did your firm become EFCC?, the consultant told the law makers.

The consultant shockingly informed the house that more than N71 Million due the council via revenue drive is stalled at the revenue court as a result of the trial judge's in actions.

The consultant ceased the opportunity to ask the house in their report to the council chairman to allow him complete his four years contractual term.

The house leader promised that soon the house will in a report furnish the executive arm with their findings and recommendation.

He also told journalists during a private media chat that his leadership will strengthen the council's revenue bye law, exercise more oversight functions, to ensure that it all council's revenue leakages are blocked.

To be continued soon............


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Teachers, Students Revolt Against Principal

* My Enemies Are Instigating Them Against Me... Principal

Okonta Emeka Okelum, Asaba

As early as 8am yesterday, the premises of Zappa Mixed Secondary School, Asaba,  recorded an experience that is unbecoming of a teaching and learning atmosphere.

Our reporter's arrival at the school at 8am witnessed a school in total state of disorder, with students chanting anti-principal chants.

Teachers on duty were seen wearing long faces, harshly talking in low tunes about their displeasure.

According to some staff who agreed to speak off tape and anonymously, their case was that of too many poor leadership and the principal's high handedness at engagement with staff.

Trouble, they say broke out last Thursday, during the school's morning assembly session.

While interviewing the school's principal, Mrs C.K. Oraegbunam, she shared her bitter encounter, tales of violent attack and fetish mesmerized acts one of the teachers, Mr Uzor Isiuwa, unleashed about her car, upon arrival at the school's premises.

On the contrary, some staff in hushed tunes, speaking anonymously, maintained that the principal during the assembly was seen chasing Mr Isiuwa about the school's premises with her car.

The principal further told our reporter that Mr Isiuwa of late had become a tick in her flesh, after the post primary education board authorities discovered his many official absence from duty and effected some slash on his salary.

My Isiuwa had gone round telling all who cares to listen that I cut down his salary, I never did such, his salary was cut by the board authorities, not me, the principal said.

Attempts to meet and get opinions of Mr Isiuwa was not successful as our reporter was told he has gone to the board's zonal office to brief the authorities.

Our reporter was told that after the Thursday ugly experience at the morning assembly session, the leadership of State chapter of Nigerian Union of Teachers(NUT) and authorities the post primary education board intervened into the matter on Friday, and at the board's office the matter was resolved.

Mr Isiuwa was asked by both board and NUT leadership to apologise to the principal, with a marching order that on Monday, being yesterday, at the school's assembly ground, that he Mr Isiuwa before both staff and student must tender another apology.

Yesterday's trouble broke out during the assembly session, according to an eye-witness account, as the students and staff await Mr Isiuwa's apology, officers of the Nigerian police arrived the school compound demanding that Mr Isiuwa go to the police station with them.

Before one could say Jack, both students and staff resisted the police action and massive near violent protest rented the space, only intervention of NUT & Board's officials made possible the police movement out of the school compound.

The students improvised a chalk and slate protest insignia, demanding that the principal be transferred as well as other unfavourable statements against the principal.

Some staff interviewed accused the principal of zero cordial relationship with them, illegal staff salary deductions, unapproved demands of levies from parents.

They also shared that there is no cordial relationship between the principal and the members of the parents teachers association (PTA)

Some staff also narrated how with total disdain and with zero respect, the principal talks down on the teachers even before the students, they also narrated how in time past, she asked students to pay about N2,000 for procurement of classroom desks and chairs, saying that up it now none has being supplied.

Worried and confused, the teachers said they could not make any sense out of the principal's demand to the school prefects to light candlesticks during school hours, fearing that it could mean some evil fetish initiation proceedings.

On her own part, Mrs Oraegbunam, maintained that she is still in charge as the school head and that what played out was only the handiworks of her career enemies, whose sole aim is to tarnish her professional records.

About the police action that morning, the principal noted that with the NUT and board's intervention that she has forgiven Mr Isiuwa.

The student's protest against their principal and willing demand that she be changed and transfered continued till about 10am in the morning, as the presence of some NUT Executive members helped calmed the charged atmosphere.

Our reporter's attempts to meet with officials of the post primary education board met brick walls as the officials were engaged in various meeting sessions and could not share any official position on the matter at hand.


Thursday, February 8, 2018

2019: I Have No Anointed Aspirant, Gov Okowa Is My Leader....OSLGA PDP Chairman

* Hon Izuka Okolo Sue For OSLGA  Political Road Map

Okonta Emeka Okelum, Asaba

Ogbueshi Dada Okonji, Oshimili South LGA party chairman of the People's Democratic Party (P.D.P) has affirmed that he has no preferred anointed aspirant ahead of the forthcoming 2019 elections.

He made the statement today, Wednesday, at the party's LGA secretariat, at the meeting of party elders, leaders and stakeholders.

I have no preferred or anointed aspirant, my doors are open to welcome all aspirants, they are free to knock at my door.

But I must emphasize that I do not require anything from them, when they come consulting me over their aspiration, Ogbueshi Dada Okonji pointed out.

If you are coming to see me, please do not come with any gift, if you have anything with you to give out, dont give me.

I suggest you seek out our party's need, fill those needs for the party, we have need for larger party office,  office equipment and other vital needs, the LGA party chairman advised.

He further urged party faithfuls to always support and testify about all the good works of Gov Okowa in Oshimili South LGA to all and sundry.

Our part is to ensure that peace continues to reign in our local government area, so that with the thriving peace, more development initiatives will be established here, Ogbueshi Okonji said.

He thanked all party faithfuls for their contributions, support and efforts towards the victory recorded at the just concluded council polls.

The party chairman informed party faithfuls that it will be the turn of Oshimili South LGA to host the next party  senatorial meeting at a future date to be announced later.

To ensure that the meeting when scheduled becomes a huge success, the party chairman announced that a committee will be inaugurated to oversee the mobilization of resources for the smooth implementation of the senatorial meeting.

Ahead of 2019 elections, Ogbueshi Dada Okonji, pointed out that Governor Okowa is his political leader and inline with the party's leadership ideals support and promote political visions of the working and SMART-driven governor.

For Oshimili South LGA council boss, Hon Comrade Uche Osadebe, his views at the stakeholders meeting was that of appreciation and gratitude to all party faithfuls over their inputs, contributions, supports and efforts that helped register the recorded victory at the just concluded council polls.

He also challenged party members present to join hands with the party elders, leaders and executives at working round the clock at surpassing the previous record attained.
On his own path, Hon Izuka Okolo, maintained that there is great need for a political road map for Oshimili South   LGA, so that there will be some geometric political  progressive growth of public office holders, who served or represented the council area.

One of the highlights of the meeting was one minute silence observed for two departed party icon and leader, Mr C. C Kpalobi and Ogbueshi Nash Izediuno Okonkwo.


Oshimili Sth Legislative Arm Inaugurate House Committees

*House Leader Lists Functions, Task Them On Performance

Okonta Emeka Okelum, Asaba

Oshimili South Legislative Arm, today, Wednesday, inaugurated its house committees.

Addressing house members at the plenary session, the house leader, Hon Nwosa Peter Chukwuemeka, officially Welcome the law makers to the legislature's fifth assembly and first session.

He informed them that four special committes an thirteen standing committees will be inaugurated.

The house leader told the committee members that some of their functions include overssing the smooth running of the departments within the executive arm they are assigned to.

You are to exercise oversigt functions over the executive  departments under your watch, Hon Nwosa emphasized.

The essence of their functions include establishing checks and balances, enthrone physical discipline, encourage good governance, detect and block waste, inefficiency, corruption and mismanagement of public resources.

I charge you to live upto expectation and discharge your legislative duties with firmness, diligence, courage, transparency and committment, the house leader charged the law makers.

While reading out the committee members function, the house leader, Hon Nwosa, informed them that they are to oversee activities of a department in the executive arm.

You also are to initiate laws to help develop the sub-sector, ensure that the activities of the department are properly and efficiently carried out.

Possessing budget proposals, scrutinizing in details bills before them and attending to other related functions the house brings before them, were other functions, the house leader unveiled.

I want to assure you of the support of all the principal officers council in the discharge of your duties within the limits of the available resources.

I congratulate the various chairmen and committee members for your appointments, Hon Nwosa said.

He later inaugurated the under listed law makers and council personnel as cahirmen and members of various committees.



* Hon Chukwuemeka Peter Nwosa-Chairman
* Hon Adim Patrick Nwokolo- Memebr
* Hon Ifeyinwa Georgina Oduah-Member
* Mr Joseph Ibegbuna-Secretary

* Hon Nonso Anthony Oniah-Chairman
* Hon Bamidele Issac Ojekule-Member
* Hon Ifeyinwa Millicent Kerry-Member
* Mrs Oge Ogana-Secretary

* Hon Iloba Nwabuoko Roland - Chairman
* Hon Onuwa Nwanwuogor Honest-Member
* Hon Adim Onochie John-Member
* Mrs Kate Kogolo - Secretary

* Hon Chukwudi Uzor Lawrence-Chairman
* Hon Chiedu Oburota Micheal-Member
* Hon Nneamaka Ani Sandra-Member
* Mr Allanah Daniel-Secretary


* Hon Oputa Obi Enebeli-Chairman
* Hon Chiedu Oburota Micheal - Member
* Hon Nonso Oniah Anthony - Member
* Mr Maduka Sylvester- Secretary

* Hon Adim Nwokolo Patrick - Chairman
* Hon Onuwa Nwanwuogor Honest - Member
* Hon Nnamdi Nwokobia - Member
* Mr Greg Okolo - Secretary

* Hon Onuwa Nwanwuogor Honest - Chairman
* Hon Nonso Oniah Anthony - Member
* Hon Ifeyinwa Oduah Georgina - Member
* Mr Emeka Enenmoh - Secretary

* Hon Ifeyinwa Kerry Millicent - Chairman
* Hon Bamidele Issac Ojekule - Member
* Hon Chukwudi Uzor Lawrence - Member
* Mrs A .C Okonkwo - Secretary

* Hon Oputa Obi Enebeli - Member
* Hon Iloba Nwabuoko Roland - Member
* Mr Mordi Henry - Secretary

* Hon Ifeyinwa Oduah Georgina - Chairman
* Hon Chiedu Oburota Micheal - Member
* Hon Onuwa Nwanwuogor Honest - Member
* Mrs Rosemary Okocha - Secretary

* Hon Nneamaka Ani Sandra - Chairman
* Hon Ifeyinwa Oduah Georgina - Member
* Hon Ifeyinwa Kerry Millicent - Member
* Mrs Oyovwikigho .A. - Secretary

* Hon Iloba Nwabuoko Roland - Chairman
* Hon Adim Nwokolo Patrick - Member
* Hon Ifeyinwa Oduah Georgina - Member
* Mrs B. Ifeseome - Secretary

* Hon Chiedu Oburota Micheal - Chairman
* Hon Adim Nwokolo Patrick - Member
* Hon Nonso Oniah Anthony - Member
* Mr. Franklyn Onianwa - Secretary

* Hon Chukwudi Uzor Lawrence - Member
* Hon Onuwa Nwanwuogor Honest - Member
* Hon Nnamdi Nwokobia Love - Member
* Mrs Awana Precious - Secretary

* Hon Bamidele Issac Ojekule - Chairman
* Hon Ifeyinwa Kerry Millicent - Member
* Hon Nneamaka Ani Sandra - Member
* Miss Felicia Nwanazia - Secretary

* Hon Adim John Onochie - Chairman 
* Hon Nonso Oniah Anthony - Member
* Hon Ifeyinwa Oduah Georgina - Member
* Mr Api Emmanuel - Secretary

* Hon Nonso Oniah Anthony - Chairman
* Hon Nneamaka Ani Sandra - Member
* Hon Chiedu Oburota Micheal - Member
* Mr Nweli Derrick - Secretary


Female Genital Mutilation: Not Just Inhuman, It's Ungodly - Omu Anioma

... Decorated Zero FGM Ambassador
By: Patrick Ochei

The Omu Anioma and advocate of proper womanhood cum value oriented child upbringing, HRM Obi Dr. Martha Dunkwu has said that Female Genital Mutilation, also known as Female Genital Cutting is not only inhuman to the girl child but ungodly.

She made this assertion on Tuesday 6th February, 2018, while being decorated as the Zero FGM Ambassador of the year by the International Centre for Women Empowerment and Child Development, in their campaign for Zero FGM to mark the 10th anniversary of the Centre.

The Omu who declared her total support to the eradication of Female Genital Mutilation, said she would do everything possible to see to its barest reduction if not erased totally.

"Female Genital Mutilation is not only inhuman, it is ungodly. You have my support on this fight. I commend your effort. We must treat women with love and care. Our community leaders and men of all cadres must show responsibility towards eradicating this inhuman cultural practice", she affirmed.

Speaking further, she maintained that man was not enough on his own and God had to create woman as a help mate to him. "For this reason, man must avoid anything that would inflict an everlasting pain on the woman. FGM brings untold pains, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Women must also help themselves in this regard and don't dwell on sustaining a cultural practice that disfigures and destroys them. The era of women oppressing women must stop. I am here to advocate for the advancement of humanity; and together we must advocate for the reduction of FGM to the barest minimum, if not totally eradicated", Omu expressed.

Earlier, the Director of Programme, International Centre for Women Empowerment and Child Development and leader of the delegation, Barr. Rachael Obodo-Obunseh had commended the Omu on the advocacy role she has been playing on issues of women, humanity and culture. She hinted the Omu on their purpose for coming, which included the marking of the 2018 Female Genital Mutilation that coincided with the Centre's 10th Anniversary Celebration.

Obunseh stated that their 2018 theme is "Zero Tolerance to FGM", which was why the organization decided to honour the Omu Anioma with the Zero FGM Ambassador for her advocacy role on Modern Cultural Practices, Girl Child Education, Value Orientation, Decent Human Life and Community Growth and Development.

However, the Medical Doctor in the delegation and past President of the Medical Women Association of Nigeria (MWAN), Delta State Chapter, Dr. Bobola Agbonle took time to lecture on Female Genital Mutilation, its short and long term implications.

She posited that there are no health benefits to FGM, adding that those beliefs held by our forebears that the mutilations keep women constantly clean, produce matrimonial opportunities, increase fertility and avert still birth are all lies.

Agbonle further maintained that instead, the mutilations would cause excessive bleeding, infection, stayed urine in the short term; and in the long term, stitcher pains, HIV/AIDS infection, psychological effect, post-traumatic health disorder, tightening of vagina during sex and child birth, irredeemable loss of sexual appetite and others would occur.

Dr. Agbonle called on Traditional Rulers, lawmakers, press, NGOs and well meaning Nigerians to join hands in eliminating FGM from being practiced in our communities.

Other experts in the delegation were Mr. Norbert Chimah, Mr. Emma Ogbolu, Mr. Ernest Enuneku and Mr. Ifeanyi Anyafulu who is the HOD Skills Acquisition of the International Centre for Women Empowerment and Child Development.


The Ofu-Obi Anioma Group Ndokwa East chapter led by Hon  Chief  Kingsley Nze Ashibogwu held their 1st general meeting for 2018.

The convener of the meeting  Chief Ashibogwu addressed the members present and also briefed them the major Agenda of the group, saying that the intention of the Ofu-Obi Anioma is to work and make sure His Excellency Sen Dr Ifeanyi Okowa and the most distinguished senator representing delta north senatorial District, Sen Barr Peter Nwaoboshi  are respectively returned for their second tenure come 2019 general election and the party is PDP.

Members present responded constructively and issues of not recognizing those that worked tirelessly in 2015 general election  was also  deliberated ,which Hon Tony the  Secretary General of Ofu-Obi Anioma Worldwide appealed to the aggrieved members and promised that same will not repeat itself again in this dispensation. Saying as the slogan goes "LET US WORK THE WORK AND CHOP THE CHOP "so be it.

Hon Chief Kingsley Nze Ashibogwu promised to carry everybody along in the scheme of things now that he's the L. G. A Cordinator  of the group, that there's no course for alarm and also advised the members to mobilize their people to register in the ongoing INEC voters registration in order to boost the voting strength of their various units in the L. G. A he concluded.

The 62 members from various ward's present, unanimously endorsed Sen Dr Ifeanyi Okowa and Sen Barr Peter Nwaoboshi for continuity come 2019 general election and the meeting ended successfully with a closing prayer said by Comr Asaba Chukwuma the Ibedeni Clan Youth President.